Peacock Invites and Shower Favors

Before baking, was stamping!  It is my first love…  I mainly create cards, invitations and tags.  I’m not to much of a scrapper.

I loved creating this invitation…..I just wish I had a more detailed picture!

I made the peacock invitations out of card stock purchased from Archiver’s.  Hand stamped the white card stock with the “peacock” blue and green. Added small blue and green embellishments to the stamping.

Printed out the shower information on velllum.

I created the beading that was attached to the ribbon, which was so fun!  I get really excited when I get to pick an assortment of beads and put them together.

You can do so many things with them, and it adds that extra bling! I use them in projects when ever I can!

I also made these favors for the shower.  Peacock cookies!

Here you can see the beading a little better… was very similar on the card. and I used the smaller peacock feathers on this.

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  1. traceey paulson says:

    Love this page. Your talents are many. Always checking you site anticipating your newest creations. Continued success.

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